Joker FX, a visual communication company, has reinvented traditional methods of manufacturing by merging digital graphics and structural manufacturing and with the use of LOCTITE adhesives. Joker FX relies on LOCTITE adhesives to reduce production times, increase reliability and ensure durability in severe environmental conditions.

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Local Motors connects designers, engineers and inventors in a collaborative online and physical workspace to bring specialty vehicles to the market, most notably the Rally Fighter - a 430 horsepower on road, off road rally car that leverages LOCTITE to perform under extreme conditions without a pit crew.

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New Holland

New Holland offers farmers and the agricultural industry a wide array of easy-to-operate tractors, harvesters and material handling equipment. New Holland uses a selection of LOCTITE threadlockers, flange and thread sealants and retaining compounds to ensure maximum vibration resistance, protect against corrosion, and prevent leaks.

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PING is a leading golf equipment manufacturer founded upon providing innovation, quality and service to golfers worldwide. PING depends on LOCTITE adhesives to ensure the reliability and consistent performance of their products.


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4moms is dedicated to developing innovative baby products that make life easier for parents. With solutions that carry the most precious cargo, 4moms uses LOCTITE threadlockers to ensure its products open, close, and function reliably and safely. LOCTITE instant adhesive is used to adhere plastic parts which are difficult to bond.

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Polaris depends on LOCTITE adhesives to ensure that its snowmobiles hold up to the punishing demands of extreme sports. With expertise in systems engineering, Polaris designs and manufactures innovative high-performance motorized vehicles, including snowmobiles, all-terrain recreational vehicles, off-road vehicles, and motorcycles.

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